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The AseraCare Foundation exists primarily to ensure that donor contributions and subsequent grant requests meet 501(c)3 standards outlined for charitable giving. It is our privilege to serve as the administrators of a charitable fund that assists a variety of community initiatives emphasizing end-of-life care and family support.

The AseraCare Foundation is a 501(c)3 entity which supports organizations that directly or indirectly benefit terminally-ill patients and their families. This is accomplished by providing grants to these organizations in the communities served by AseraCare. The largest source of income for the AseraCare Foundation is memorial donations made on behalf of hospice patients.

Searching for Hospice or Palliative Care?

The AseraCare Hospice Foundation is not a direct provider of hospice or palliative care. You can learn more about your care options at  AseraCare’s mission is to address challenges with compassion, understanding and the support of evidence-based clinical practice. AseraCare provides palliative medicine and hospice care as a way to improve the lives of patients and their families as they transition throughout different phases of life.
Visit their website to learn more.

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